About Us

Who the heck are we?
Welcome to MT Litho Print Services! The name is new, but our commitment to you hasn’t changed. Our company’s roots go back three generations, and the total sum of industry experience our team has is more than eighty years. We have the history and the expertise to help with all of your printing, design, and marketing projects.

Customer service has always been our cornerstone. Nowadays it may feel like talking to a human is a luxury, but you can count on someone in our office to be available to speak with you. If you’re in a last-minute pinch, we’re happy to come in on the weekend to help you meet your deadline… we’re old-school like that. At our convenient Irvine location, there is a cup of coffee waiting for you, and an open seat at our conference table where you can meet with members of our team to discuss your ideas.

Every job is important to us. Let us help make your next project look amazing!


The hamsters running in the wheel that is MT Litho


The Renaissance Man

I first started working in my dad’s print shop sweeping floors and scrubbing toilets 46 years ago. Along with the $0.50 an hour dad paid me, I got a Meyerhof’s Sandwich, best deli dill ever and a killer brownie. Years later I got a degree at UC Irvine in Biological Sciences, traveled around the world, and lived in a few different states before returning to Southern California. Upon returning, I went back to work for my father at LT Litho and Printing Company, at that time, an established printing company of 30 years in Southern California. I proceeded to learn more about the business from many different angles doing everything from driving the forklift and delivery truck, to burning plates, to feeding the presses, to helping in bindery and more. I eventually moved into production, and after that into sales.

In the mid-90s, my brother and I purchased LT Litho from our father, and ran the business for 15 years before shutting it down to pursue our own individual endeavors. This is how MT Litho Print Services ultimately came to be. As a third-generation printer, I’ve spent the last 30 plus years of my life in the business, and still thoroughly enjoy the creativity and relationships built with a fantastic team of coworkers and a tremendous group of customers and vendors.

Aside from my involvement in the print industry, I enjoy snowboarding, surfing, rock climbing, standup paddling, running, and many other sports and creative endeavors. Since I tend to see a lot more movies than most, I will be imparting my experiences and opinions on the current movies in the theaters (at least the ones I’ve seen), with an occasional guest review from Scott or Eric. Stay tuned because we may have some movie trivia and chance to win movie gift cards in the future. Be sure and check our website on a regular basis.



The Production Crooner

I have been in the printing industry for over 25 years. I started at my grandfather’s shop, Tramer Litho, at the age of 18. I was interested in learning everything I could about the business, so I made it a point to try and work in all the different departments. I went from bindery & shipping, to working the presses & making plates. All that has lead up to production management, and being able to run the MT Litho shop.

I also started an entertainment company on the side, where I did party planning and hosting for special events. My clients ranged from Bally’s and Delta, to restaurants and backyard 4th of July parties. Some of my restaurant clients had themed parties like 80’s, Halloween costume, and (my favorite) ugly Christmas sweater parties. I had a lot of fun doing the promotions and grass roots marketing, they were key to making these events a success.

All this experience has benefitted me and I have become really good at marketing and project management. In my spare time, I love scuba diving, karaoke, and the ocean. Rock on!!



The Pied Piper of Pixels

As a kid, I taught myself how to draw by collecting comic books and watching a lot of cartoons – then imitating their different art styles. I still have a love for 80’s cartoons and video games, and they influence my art to this day. I always knew I wanted some kind of career in art, so I got my Graphic Arts Degree in 2001.

Since graduating, I’ve done freelance art for private clients, held a few graphic design positions, and worked at marketing agencies. I was lucky enough to be on some great creative teams where I built marketing campaigns generating nearly a million dollars in revenue. I also had the pleasure of working with Mark and Eric back in the LT Litho days, and learned a ton about what happens to art after it leaves the hands of the designer… I would highly recommend that any new graphic designers try to work at a print shop as their first job right out of school.