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Yep, it’s as simple as it looks! Just add your file to the designated area, and fill out the info fields. There’s no need to sign up, log in, or create a user name… just a few clicks and you’re done.

Your upload will go directly into our secure Dropbox account.

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    FYI so you can DIY

    Templates for Download

    Clicking on a template below will automatically save it to wherever your browser is set to download files. If you are unsure where that is, you can also right click the link and save it.

    Business Card (Horizontal)
    Business Card (Vertical)
    6-Panel Brochure (11×8.5)
    4-Panel Brochure (11×8.5)
    Letter (8.5×11)
    Letter Envelope (#10)
    Return Envelope (#9)
    Postcard (9×6)
    Invite (5×7)
    Folding Invite (10×7)
    Invite Envelope (A7)
    Banner (8×3)
    Poster (24×36)

    These templates are all meant to get you started with your project. If you don’t see the exact size you need, download the closest option and simply change the document size. For detailed instructions on using these templates, read Submitting Art for Print.

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    Using Clear and Silver Toner

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    Image Resolution 101

    Image Resolution 101

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    Bleed and Crop Marks 101

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    Submitting Art for Print 101

    Submitting Art for Print 101

    First we’ll go over how to use the downloadable MT Litho templates. Once you download a template to your computer, you’ll need to uncompress the .zip file. The zip file contains three items: an .indd (InDesign CC), .idml…

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